May 06, 2012

More weather

Warmer weather but I still freeze at the slightest breeze.  What sense does that make?  You'd think being pregnant the extra fat and insulation would keep me warmer.  But it hasn't.  Which may prove to be a good thing though.  I've heard that being pregnant during the summer months can be brutal.  You're dying of heat and can never get cool enough.  Maybe when the temperature turns even warmer and I still feel on the cool side, I'll remember making this post and laugh because it will be so nice not to have to go change clothes to accommodate the weather.  While it would be nice not to always have to put on a jacket, I think when the summer heat hits, I won't mind near as much. It's always easier to warm up than it is to cool down.  Who knows, maybe our summer will be a lot like our winter.  Winter had little snow and was more warm so maybe summer won't be as hot and more cool. 

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