April 30, 2012

Soon I hope!

Know what I want?  A 4 wheeler.  Actually, two.  We'd need that many for our family.  We've thought about buying other things, like a jet-ski, or a camping trailer, or a motorcycle.  But then we got to thinking.  The jet-skis you would have to drive to water which isn't exactly nearby.  The camping trailer we don't have a spot to store it right now.  The motorcycle, we'd need cold/rainy weather gear and possibly motorcycle seat covers.  We decided that when the time comes and we can afford them, we'd buy 4 wheelers.  We camp more often than we get out on the water and we'd have more fun on a 4 wheeler than sitting in a trailer.  So it seemed logical to go that route.  I can't wait until we can get some because I know they will be so much fun!

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