April 13, 2012

Take care of it

When you have children you go through the motions. You get excited finding out you're pregnant. Then you're excited to know what you're having. Then you prepare to add a new little addition to your family. Then that little bundle of joy makes an appearance and your heart doubles in size. After that you get caught up in all those little cute things your baby does. Usually through all of this one of the last things you think about is your pelvic floor. What you say? Who thinks about their pelvic floor? Well, physical therapists do and that's me. :D But I admit, I've only thought about the pelvic floor in relation to my patients, not to myself. But it's pretty important to take care of those muscles during and after pregnancy. During pregnancy to help combat/prevent pain issues and after so things don't stay loose and cause problems later. In my case, I didn't do anything before and I'm paying for it now. My ligaments have become so lax that when I got out of the car a few weeks ago, I strained my pelvic floor. I had to be off my feet for a few weeks because it was so bad. Crazy how one wrong twist could cause so much aggravation. It is getting better which is great. I like being able to do things and not sit around all day. Plus, I've been able to go back to work, light duty, but back nonetheless. So to any woman out there reading my blog and is pregnant or has children already, take care of yourself so you don't end up hurting yourself like I did. It's worth your time, trust me. :)

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