March 29, 2012

Best part!

I would bet that most kids agree that when they go to a hotel, the best part is getting to play in the pool. Hey, that's my favorite part too! (Although the cable TV is a bonus lol!) When ever we stay at a hotel, we always get one with a pool and the pool had better be working too. Our last trip we called the hotel a few days ahead of time just to make sure it wasn't down for maintenance or anything. Playing in the water is a lot of fun and the kids love the hot tub too. I couldn't get in the hot tub but the pool water felt nice! They seem to take good care of their pool and hot tub, where we were at. I bet they don't even need spa covers and pool covers because they get so much use out of them. For my family, I'm grateful to have pools at hotels. It adds something extra special to a vacation!

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