March 11, 2012

Used to go

I have a gym card hanging on my key ring and someone asked me yesterday "hey, you go to that gym?" I was embarrassed to say that no I didn't anymore. Actually, the only reason it's still on my key chain is because I have some keys that are very similar and it helped me distinguish between them lol. So it's stayed and it's been over a year since I got it. The owner of the gym actually gave me a free three month membership just so I could try the place out. I loved the membership but my work schedule became more hectic which meant to keep going I would have to put my kids in the daycare and I didn't want to do that. There are a lot of gyms though, the ones around here, there's a gym in richmond, a bunch all over the place. Most cities have them and if you can make it happen, they are definitely worth it! My timing right now isn't good but another time will be.

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