March 11, 2012

No idea

So having changed jobs recently, I'm getting a different perspective about the field I work in. A lot of new things, a lot of good things, a lot of not great things. But overall, it's been a good learning experience. I've had to think outside the box more often which is great because it's challenging. I'm learning more about concepts that I've never dealt with or had thought about. For instance, just this last week I had someone talk to me about a medication I wasn't familiar with. The name alone suggested it was probably heart related but I didn't know more than that and had to ask someone, which was fine because now I know what it is. If someone asked about the laser spine institute I wouldn't know anythingabout it but I would ask someone or look it up. I'm learning that it's not always bad to NOT know the answer. Acting like you know everything usually comes across worse than saying you just don't know. So I'll keep doing what I'm doing and learn more along the way.

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