March 21, 2012

Smart idea

That's how I feel about self checkouts, they are the best invention! When you only have a few items to check out quickly, who wants to wait in line behind someone who has a huge cart full of items to buy? Not me. If I'm the one with the cart full and there's someone behind me in line with only a few items, I'll let them go first. That's why self checkouts are awesome! Most people use them pretty quickly so you're in and out in minutes. Genius! Sometimes I can't get the barcode scanners to register the barcode on my items or something won't ring up right, but for the most part, they're pretty easy. I like easy and quick. Especially when I'm in a hurry. So thank you to who ever came up with self checkouts, as a busy mom I have really appreciated it and it makes my life easier!

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