March 19, 2012

Getting things done

It's always nice to whittle down your to do list but sometimes it feels like you ALWAYS have a to do list. When one goes away, another one starts. I guess that's just life though right? Especially when you're a parent, there's always something to be done. When I have days off from work I feel like I'm just as busy and it's not really a day off. Well, that's not entirely true. My day today was packed but I managed to take an interrupted nap. So that was helpful at least. :) But all day I was going, going, going. I had a bunch of phone calls to make and take. I did four loads of laundry. I went through all the kids toys and got rid of a bunch. I started to organize one of our counters that has been really messy the past few weeks. I gathered together some items for DI. I did dinner and had the kids do their homework early so they could go play with a friends. I balanced our checking account. I took a shower. We went to swim lessons and then I helped a friend work on a project for church. By 9pm, I was wiped and ended up eating two candy bars. Yep, two. They were divine and just what I needed after today. I got a lot of things done which is good. More to do tomorrow but at least I don't have today's AND tomorrow's to do lists at the same time. That makes me feel productive. :)

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