March 25, 2012

Medical fields

I love talking to young students about what I do for a living. Being in the medical field is not only challenging but also very rewarding. I never get bored. I'm always learning new things every day and because I have to take required classes every year, I'm always up to date on changes in my field. My hours are flexible. The pay is really good. Plus, my job will always be there. That's quite a few plus's in my column! Of course I don't know everything about the medical field, there are so many different aspects. I can't tell you much about medications like apidextra because I'm not a pharmacist. I do know a few of them and their side effects because they affect my patients but that's about it. That's what so great about the medical field, so much diversity! It's not for everyone true, but I love it. :)

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