March 11, 2012

Death traps

Food allergies are becoming more and more common. I can't figure out if they've always been around and doctors couldn't pin point the problem as a food allergy or if people are actually developing more allergies to food. Maybe a combination of both. Who knows. But I know something about food allergies because there's a peanut allergy in my family so we've always avoided anything with peanuts. Peanut allergies are pretty common, I think they might be up there with dairy and gluten allergies. So thinking they are pretty high on the list you'd think people would be more careful about them. By people, I'm thinking about restaurants. I'm not saying they shouldn't use peanuts in their food but when I walk into a restaurant, I don't expect to see a BARREL of open peanuts sitting out. This is something I've seen in two restaurants in my area. TWO. Peanuts AND peanut oil sitting out in the open right by the front door. Death trap for my family let me tell you. Surprising to me but maybe if we didn't have a peanut allergy it wouldn't have bothered me. Who knows.

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