March 28, 2012

A new uniform?

Before I took my new job, I head they had uniforms. No, not chef uniforms, but uniforms for therapy. Uniforms, ugh. They weren't horrible, white polos with the company name on it and then you had black slacks. So really, not that bad. But the problem I had was that they gave you only two shirts and two pants. For a five day work week, you'd have to wash whites and dark each, twice, every week. Yuck! So right before I took the job and found out they did away with the uniforms, I was stoked!! Now it's just business casual dress and that is perfect. But last week at one of our work meetings, the boss had out a magazine with ideas for shirts. Ugh, uniforms were coming back? That's what I worried about but thankfully that wasn't the case! He wanted us all to have one work shirt that we could wear occasionally one day a week as a team. THAT'S more like it! I can do that and I even got to help pick the shirt. Nice.

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