March 11, 2012

Darn joint!

I know pregnancy can really mess up a woman's body, I'm seeing that more and more with each of my own pregnancies. I have a friend who's hips are really messed up from having children and will probably need both of her hips replaced sooner rather than later. My situation hasn't been that bad but I have been experiencing more than I thought I would. Makes sense though, the more pregnancies you go through, the harder it is on your body. Unless you're really lucky and you can bounce right back after a pregnancy. But my body doesn't do that, it takes more time to "bounce back." This time though, I can tell my muscles and ligaments are more relaxed than they have been in the past. Which means more discomfort on my end but at least the baby is doing well! My one trouble spot this time is my SI joint. Ouch! When that thing locks up I'm hurting pretty good. I went to a chiropractor but she never got it unlocked very well so I finally asked a coworker to look at it and poof! She unlocked it and I have felt a million times better. So to you SI joint, bring it on because I work in physical therapy and there are tricks to get you to be nicer to me muwhahaha! :D

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