March 17, 2012

Last minute

There's no better motivation to clean your house than knowing someone is going to come over. That was me just recently. Our house isn't too messy in general but I've been letting a lot of things go since I've started my new job. So this week, it was pretty messy. Knowing though, that we had someone coming over put me into high gear the day she was due. I got home from work and cleaned, picked up, and put things away like a woman on a mission. It took me an hour and a half to get the whole place looking better. Intially I felt like I needed cary cleaning services to help me but I got it done. Only a few things left like the bathroom toilets and mopping the floors. Oh, and I didn't get all the rooms vacuumed so there's that too. But not bad for having left it all to the last minute lol! Of course now that it's mostly clean, I don't feel like doing anymore. Maybe tomorrow. ;)

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