December 06, 2011

What I want

My husband keeps asking me what I want for Christmas. Well, first I would love a Nook Color. Or the Kindle Fire. I haven't decided between the two. But either one won't happen because $200 is an INSANE amount of money for ONE present. So then I told my husband I wanted some socks because I needed some. We were at the store and I found a set I liked and told him he could give those to me for Christmas. He said no, lol. But really, I can't think of much else I want. A nice blood pressure cuff would be good. My husband chuckled at that one. I haven't thought about baraka jewelry or any clothes. Maybe a new pair of pants. Maybe some movies? I don't know. Pretty sure I was this same way last year now that I think about it. It worked out last year so it will work out this year too. My husband is pretty good about gifts so he can surprise me and I'll be happy. :)

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