December 28, 2011

Oh that darn weather outside

Actually, I haven't minded the weather personally, but my body tells me otherwise. I've still been freezing to death and wear a sweater almost every day. Now that I got some new bubble bath for Christmas, that means I can warm up that way too. But the worst part about the cold weather, is when it makes you sick and we're pretty sick. We all have colds and nasty coughs. Not very fun around here. True, it's not the flu and we're not so sick we can't get out of bed but it's lingering and kind of a pain. Not to mention it's kind of a pain being at work and you're trying to give someone a massage and all you can do is sniff and cough into your shoulder. Not very relaxing for that person I imagine. :P Hopefully we don't have it too much longer. The cold will probably go away first but somehow I think the cough will take longer. The kids especially darn it, I feel so bad for them. They cough so hard at night it's hard for them to sleep despite the humidifier and medicine. Hopefully not much longer though!

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