December 30, 2011

Preggo woes

Being pregnant is a wonderful time, it's true. But it's also a difficult time for most women, me included. I am thrilled to be pregnant but let me tell you, being preggo for the 4th time doesn't come without extra problems. You'd think by now my body would have this "figured out" and it wouldn't be so bad. Quite the opposite actually. Everything is stretched more, ligaments are more lax, pain is more frequent, and you feel everything a lot sooner. Although the kicks are fun to feel sooner, so no complaints there. :) But nonetheless, I'm happy. It's been harder but we're thrilled to be having another little baby. I'm not getting as much done being preggo but I'm trying. I'm considering cutting my hair because it's so long and takes longer than I have energy for to actually fix nice lol. I hardly ever wear makeup for the same reason, too much energy! Who needs eyelash growth products when I don't even put on mascara anymore lol. Well, that's not true, sometimes on Sunday I'll actually take the time to look nice. But the rest of the week, I'm going the frumpy route because it's comfortable and being comfortable while pregnant is definitely the most important thing. :)


Rhoda said...

amen sister! Oh wait what excuse do I have? I'm not pregnant and I only put makeup on Sunday's as well! ☺ Hope you start to feel better and can enjoy more of your time with the little squirt! I'd have to say my #4 was the hardest on my body...still have heart issues that started with that pregnancy, it's weird! Good luck!

Rhoda said...
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