January 20, 2012

No snow

Where I live, snow is expected. Yet, we've only had TWO days of snow. Well, technically we've had three is you count the one day it snowed a tiny speck and then melted two hours later. That's it. Hello?!? It's January and I want snow! One snowman isn't enough. I want to build more and make more snow angels and pull my kids around in a sled and throw snowballs at my husband. Come on snow, I miss you! My whole family misses you! That one day where we got a skiff of snow was a huge taunt. I got so excited when I saw and thought "yay! I'll get to the play with the kids in the snow later!" And then it melted. GAH! I guess that's what we get for living in a valley because all around us places have plenty of snow and we have nada. Zilch. Zero. I guess I'll have to dream about it because our odds of actually getting any this winter season are looking pretty slim. :(

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