December 28, 2011

Another good one

We had another great Christmas! We were so blessed this year and have been very grateful because there are so many who go without or go with very little during the holiday season. I am thankful I have a job that pays all our bills and helped pay for my little family to have a good Christmas. It was fun having some time off work to be home and play with the kids and see my husband more. We all got a few surprises for Christmas and that's always fun to see everyone's reaction. My husband didn't get a utility knife or anything like that but he did get a tablet and a bunch of books he's been wanting. The kids loved everything they got too and have been playing with their gifts everyday. We went to my inlaws for dinner on Christmas day which was nice because I wasn't up to cooking a whole dinner. I made a few things which tired me out plenty. So grateful to my MIL for fixing everything else, she's awesome! Like I said, we've been very blessed and that makes me very happy. :)

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