December 05, 2011

Need a bath

Let me rephrase that lol. I don't NEED a bath, I need a bath. Clear as mud? lol I don't stink but my muscles need to soak and relax. My brain needs to relax. I worked three hours this morning and then another three this afternoon/early evening. My body has had it and my brain could barely function enough to make 4 phone calls lol. I saw my husband and kids all of a sporadic two hours and I hate days like that. My husband was awesome though. By the time I got home he had dinner ready and all the dishes and laundry done. And get this, he made me Jell-O. It was the only thing that sounded good today and he took the time to make me some. It made my night! (It's the small things that make me happy lol!) He did so much today taking over the household chores while I worked. He's amazing and I would be a wreck without him. Now if I can finish up a few more things on my to do list, maybe I can get that relaxing bath I've been thinking about. That's would make my day end on a great note. :)

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