December 01, 2011

All natural stuff

I have a friend that knows a lot about healing your body the natural way. She has learned so many things over the years it blows me away. She's amazing and I love that her family is hardly ever sick and when they are, she gives them natural remedies that heal them just like if they were to see a dr and get a prescription. It's amazing to me. I was visiting her recently and I wasn't feeling particularly well. Before I left she let me put on some oil that helped clear up my senses and I felt better, which was really nice of her. She has something for everything it seems! She has herbs and oils by the basketful. Who knows, she may even have natural seaweed to use for some type of ailment. The next time I get sick, I think I'll call her up instead of seeing a dr. Couldn't hurt right? :)

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