November 27, 2011

Very thankful

I need to take a minute and express my gratitude for my husband. He truly is amazing and I'm positive I would be worse off without him. He always sets me straight when I need it. He will always give a different perspective on something I'm struggling with which helps me figure things out better. He constantly helps around the house, which is I hear is a rare thing but am truly grateful for. I had the stomach flu a week ago and did nothing for three days and he completely picked up the slack. He's always helping with the kids and with dinner too. Plus, I have a new calling that has kept me insanely busy and he's been an awesome support. He is amazing and I count my blessings everyday for being able to share my life with him. I don't ever need to look up Zyngle free dating online to find me the perfect guy, I already did 9 years ago and he's definitely for keeps. I love him not only for what he does for our family but also for the man he is and wants to become. Love you babe, thanks for everything!!

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