October 16, 2011

Trying to save

We've started getting the paper mainly because I wanted to get the weekly ads and coupons. (Ok, and the comics too lol!) I'm still not an expert at couponing and I'm a far cry from being called an "extreme couponer." But I do a little to save us, a coupon here and a coupon there. So far I've mainly used coupons for food items but I'm keeping my eyes out for ways to save money on clothes. Finding aeropostale coupons or coupons on school clothes would be awesome! I also need to work on matching coupons with sales, that's the biggest money saver. But I'm not good at it. The last time I looked through ads, I found a few match ups but when I went to the store, all the items were gone. Waited too long I guess. But I'm keeping at it and I'll get better the more I do, I know.

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