October 12, 2011

It's coming!!!!

Autumn is here and winter is coming!! I LOVE when the seasons change! I could never live in a place with the same type of weather all year round. I love summer, I love spring, I love autumn, I love winter. I love hot days when we can play in the pool. I love when the leaves change color. I love playing in the snow with the kids. I love when the birds and flowers come back. I love it all!! So as I see the temperature drop and the rain turn to snow I get giddy. I love drinking extra hot chocolate and snuggling in bed. I love putting up new decorations and getting excited about upcoming holidays. I love love love it! All of it! And every year I end up loving it all a little more. And every year I get more and more strange looks from other people lol. Not everyone loves the cold weather and that's ok. Seems more fun to enjoy it than to hate it for months on end. Besides, making snowmen and listening to your kids laugh while sledding is awesome!! Happy season change to everyone!!

1 comment:

Kara said...

I'm the opposite, I would be perfectly content to have the weather stay 75* year round and never see winter lol. I dread the cold :P