October 18, 2011

New tires

For me, I don't think about buying new tires until I'm told my current tires need replacing. I don't think about it because they're expensive and since they last for years (or should) it's the out of sight out of mind concept. Anyway, we were recently told that our tires were "barely legal" and needed new ones soon. As in before winter hits. As in before Christmas. Yeah, who needs money for Christmas anyway when you can buy 4 new tires! Woohoo! Not. Dang, the timing sucks but what can you do. So we bought new tires and they look great and we got a great deal. Plus, they come with emergency roadside assistance, which most do, but hey, it's still nice to have. So despite the timing, I'm glad for the new set because my mind is more at ease knowing we'll have a safer drive during the winter months. Yay for new tires!!

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