October 18, 2011

Too much sugar

Have you ever had too much sugar by not eating any sugar? No, that doesn't make sense so let me explain. My day has been CRAZY and now that it's over, I still feel wired. Like the way you do when you eat a lot of sugar. (Or so I've been told. When I eat sugar I don't feel any different lol.) My crazy day started at 7am getting the kids ready. And then there's getting me ready which lately, has taken longer than usual. Then it was making and packing a lunch for everyone. Then going into work. I had to work for 6 hours today with back to back patients every hour. One cancelled but because we didn't have a secretary today, I had extra work to do and didn't even get my normal stuff done. Plus there are a lot of changes at my job so my boss and I had to take time for that. Not to mention other things that go with THAT that didn't get done. I didn't get off work until an hour past the time I was supposed to get off which was fine, but I still have a huge list to take care of. I came home and tried to grab some dinner quick, help my daughter with her homework, and had to leave again 45 minutes later for another appointment. During that appointment I went over by 20 minutes and had to rush home because my husband needed to leave for an appointment he had. Now, here I am blogging about the craziness. I've been going all day non stop. People say they go non stop and don't really mean but I do. The longest I sat down all day was the 10 minutes at dinner. Well, and now I've sat for a whole hour but I've been working, so does it really count? lol Tomorrow, Act 2 of The Day in the Life of Me. More craziness but hey, that's better than boring. :D

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