September 08, 2011

Guess what it is...

You know have some people have China cabinets? Normally, you see said cabinets filled with, well, China dishes, or some sort of other dishes. Now, I have a brother who has a China cabinet and guess what his is filled with? Not dishes, but power tools. Yeah, he's our Tim the Toolman. I know other people who have trophies lining their cabinets. But that's about all I've seen. So now you're curious what I would put in my China cabinet right? Well, that's what I was getting to. See, being married to a geologist means we will have one thing in our China cabinet. Yep, rocks. Lots of rocks. We're bound to run out of room for all the rocks we'll acquire over the years. We're running out of room now and it's still early into his field. Besides, China dishes are overrated right? Time to be different. Go with rocks people, rocks are cool. :)

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