September 20, 2011

Do they last long?

How long are book cases supposed to last? I have two kinds. One is made out of metal and I figure that's going to last awhile. But then I have a few others made out of wood. Your classic style bookcases. But, yesterday my husband pointed out that one of the wood bookcases shelves was starting to separate from the side. Darn it! I really like that bookcase! We've had it for years, maybe 5ish? I guess I assumed they lasted forever lol. Could be that maybe there's too many books on that shelf? Or they're too heavy at least. Either way, darn! We'll have to figure out a way to reinforce it because I want them to last longer. Who knows, maybe we'll have to buy a new bookcase and we could get some of the best bookshelf speakers to go with it. It's funny how things tend to fall apart at the very same time as other things. But that's a post for another time. :P

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