July 12, 2011


Want to hear my good news? Nope, I didn't buy a puppy. Nope, I didn't get a raise. Nope, I didn't win the lottery. My good news is.....I improved my mile! WOOHOO! I improved my time by 40 seconds and it felt awesome! Want to know what the best fat burners that work are? At least for me, it's running fast on my treadmill. :D I feel so exhilarated when I run well. My run today wasn't easy and I was sweating bullets by the time I was done. It sounds crazy, but despite that, it felt good to do. I love it when I make improvement and burn calories too. :D I'm still not in 5k shape but I'm getting better. Maybe in another month I'll be ready for a fun run. So excited!

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