July 11, 2011

It's here!

I think summer has finally come and STAYED! Yeah, so we're into July already. But hey, at least summer showed up at all right? :D T-ball season for the girls is almost over and we're looking into other fun activities for them to do. There are so many choices which is why I love the summer season!! We could go camping, or go rock climbing, or take a family hike, or go rafting. We could go on nature walks, or visit a state park, or go sight seeing. We could take swimming lessons, or play soccer, or visit zoos. There's SO much to choose from! Summer time at our house is never boring and I love every minute of it. We stay pretty active and busy and I look forward to every day with my family! The girls ask every night before they go to bed what we will be doing the next day and it's always fun to see their faces light up when we tell them what's planned. Right now they're getting over being sick so some things have been on hold but I think in another couple of days they'll be ready to get on with our summer plans! I can't wait. :D

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