July 03, 2011

To go or not

The fourth of July is tomorrow woohoo!! There's going to be so much going on I can't wait. My kids have been asking for days "Is it the fourth yet??" They are definitely stoked to see the fireworks and stay up late. I think we have a parade in the morning, I'll have to check the time for it. Our fairgrounds will have a bunch of events going on too but I'm not sure we'll head over there. There's bound to be a ton of people, some might be smoking e cigs, some might be there for the live music, and some might be there for the whole thing. So whether or not we go, we'll have to see. I think I'll go check right now what kind of events they have. So excited for tomorrow no matter what we end up doing. I'm just thrilled to be home with my family!!

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