June 21, 2011

Looking, but not buying

That's what I've been doing with houses, looking but not buying. Well, we can't afford to buy a home right now but I enjoy looking. And really, I've been looking a lot. When I was working a few days ago, I saw a house that looked great from the outside and I went back the next day to show my husband. We couldn't see the inside and I didn't have a MLS listing to look it up, but it still gets me excited to just look. I need to start remembering all the things I like when I see a house. I know we want a good size yard, some trees, a nice outdoor fire pit, some bay windows, at least a two car garage and so on. But with each house I see, I like different things. Some things just go better with other things. That makes sense right? lol One day we'll have a beautiful home. So excited!

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Rhoda said...

one of our requirements was always a SOUTH or WEST facing house...too bad we always got NORTH facing houses. We are always digging out a ton of snow while our neighbors snow across the strees just melt away on it's own...curses!