July 24, 2011

Stupid paperwork

I've had an almost ridiculous amount of paperwork to fill out in the past week. The biggest issue has been our re-certification with where we live. Usually the process for that goes pretty quick. Except this time, it's been anything but. We were given a bunch of paperwork to fill out, which was fine except we were told we had about a day to fill it out. So I stressed trying to throw it together and saw that most of the papers required our manager to fill out a portion, which he didn't, but I filled out what needed to be signed and eventually it got done. Turned it in and was told we had more paperwork to fill out but it could be turned in within a week. (Actually, all the paperwork had a week deadline, we just weren't told that until later.) So we filled out more paperwork and turned that in.

Then a few days later we had yet ANOTHER form to turn in. (By the way, I loved that all of these forms were taped to my front door.) I read the form and saw at the top it said to ONLY fill this out if XXX things applied to us. Which it didn't so I walked over to the manager's office and asked if I really did have to fill it out (we filled one out for my husband because it did apply). He said yes because also at the top it said all adults must fill it out. To which I said it didn't apply to me. To which he said I still had to fill it out and SAY it didn't apply to me. So I filled out the pointless paper. Then a few days LATER there was an envelope filled with 4 MORE PAGES OF PAPERWORK with a note saying "Fill out ASAP!" I don't lose my temper easily but needless to say I was downright irritated at this point.

So here we are filling out more paperwork on top of other paperwork we have to get it done. This had better be it because I'm done filling these things out. Actually, it's not the filling out part that bothers me. It's the manager who keeps "forgetting" to give me papers and "forgetting" to do his job. Hopefully this is it though. Then I'll be back to my happy self.

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