July 24, 2011


I've said it time and time again, I love that summer finally decided to show up. :D So, we've been keeping busy this summer, how about you? Join a book club? Did you buy weight loss pills or join a gym? Maybe you put your kids in sports like me. Or you took a few vacations, unlike me lol. But whatever you did, hopefully it's been a great summer. Ours has been good. We're done with t-ball and are now into swim lessons. The kids are loving it. On top of that we're trying to teach them to ride their bikes without training wheels. Yeah, I know they are older but they've been so scared to try that we didn't want to push it. So far they're still pretty nervous but at least we're trying. They're so cute. I'm sure with some more practice they'll get the hang of it. Can't believe they are so big!!

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Ryan and Leah said...

Yeah for summer! It seems we think alike! The girls just finished swimming lessons, and they just learned how to ride bikes with out training wheels this weekend! lol Hope you guys are well!