July 28, 2011

Kind of funny

Did I mention how cute and adorable my husband is? Overall, he's pretty cute and adorable anyway but it's fun to watch his face when I see him watch sports and ask questions. In general he's not much of a sports watcher but he does know what's going on and the general rules of sport. The part that's amusing is when he asks me why individuals wear sport braces and the purpose of each one. Recently we were watching volleyball (ok, I was actually watching it and my husband walked through the room) and he noticed one of the players had tape on her shoulder. He stopped, looked surprised and asked what on earth was all over shoulder. I guess to most people it looks kind of funny (some athletes have it all over the place!) but I told him what it was. It's the things you learn about in a healthcare field that really does come to apply outside of the work force. I like being able to answer questions but sometimes I feel dumb when I have no idea lol. Good thing braces were invented though, they sure do help a lot of people and they work miracles in my field!

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