July 28, 2011

Could go either way

I was talking to my boss about our patients and revenue at work recently, and it was quite an interesting talk. A lot of our patients have Medicare as their insurance, which is fine. But since Medicare continually makes cuts and usually about what they will cover and how much, business's like where I work suffer. My boss said that at the moment we about break even when it comes to what we get reimbursed. Which I guess is ok but guess what? There were new cuts, an additional 10%, and my boss has to go back the last seven months and PAYBACK the difference. Yuck! Not to mention that the new cuts means my boss will probably be in the negative. How does that make sense to anyone? All these people on Medicare who need therapy or other kinds of service and at this rate, no company will be able to help them if they LOSE money. I guess patients can look into things like www.wholesaleinsurance.net but so many of them can't afford extra insurance. It's a sucky situation that's for sure.

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