August 10, 2011

Pleasant day

I've had a good day. I went to work and kept busy. I learned new things about my coworkers and new things about how to do my job better. Then my husband and children brought me lunch. I was with a patient so I didn't get to see them but I was very grateful they came in and brought me food. It's the little things that make me happy. :D So, I finished with my patients and all my paperwork. I called my husband and we decided to go to a local fair. We walked around the fair, entered some drawings, saw the animals, and went for a wagon ride. Then we went out for dinner which was really delicious. Following our meal we decided on an impromptu trip to play miniature golf. It was so fun watching the girls play and of course hubby and I were a bit competitive. For the first time I won! Then home we went and the girls crashed and hubby and I watched some TV. It was a pleasant day!

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