June 05, 2011

What do you want?

I want to live a long, full, and healthy life. I want to see my children grow up and get married, have their own children, and live happy lives. But there's a bunch of things I need to do so that I can live a healthy and long life. Thankfully I don't smoke and I don't need insurance for that but my body isn't very healthy and it needs some work. I've been exercising more than I ever have before the last few months and I can tell some changes are happening. I have been more careful about how much I eat and my endurance and strength has really improved. Not to mention I feel so better after I've exercised and ate well for the day. It's starting to become more of a habit which is nice too. I'm hoping to start losing more weight and becoming a healthier me as time goes by. I'm not in a hurry but any progress is progress!!

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