June 14, 2011


Or maybe it's more spring? Either way, the weather here has started to get a lot warmer. I love it! This past weekend was especially nice. We had a yard sale and spent all morning and part of the afternoon outside. The kids had a blast playing with friends and running around. Hubby and I enjoyed the extra vitamin D. After the yard sale we went out for a few errands and the weather continued to be warm and sunny! The weather stayed the same for Sunday too, maybe even a little warmer. It was so nice we decided to go out on a family bike ride. It really brightened my spirits, the whole weekend. I'm not one to get down and depressed during the winter months, but I've had a lot of things on my plate that have had me down lately. The beautiful weather and extra time outdoors with my family has made me feel so good on the inside. I've had a brighter smile and a happier countenance. Those things on my plate are dwindling down and I'm working the rest out. So yay for warm weather and more time outside with the family! It really can make anyone feel better. :D

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