June 21, 2011

What a day

I've had quite the day. Not one I'm particularly fond of either. Not one I particularly want to talk about. Not one I particularly want to repeat either. *sigh* It wasn't an awful day but it was full of drama. I hate drama. No really, I. hate. drama. I'm not a dramatic person, what you see is what you get. I'm totally upfront, open, and honest about well, everything. So when I see and hear different sides of things and watch and others cause drama because of it, I don't like it. It's stupid. So what if you didn't get your way? So what if the rules changed? So what if you have to do something you don't like? Life is hard. Life throws us things we don't expect. Life changes. So what do we do? Throw a fit? Stomp our foot? Put on 10 lbs? No, we should deal with it like normal human beings. Throwing a tantrum won't make it easier, it actually makes it worse. So just deal with it. Get through it. You CAN get through it. It probably won't kill you and it probably won't take a whole lifetime to do, so be done with it. Leave the drama out of it. Just sayin'...

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