May 25, 2011

What a day

When I woke up this morning I expected my day to turn out a certain way. You've done that before right? As you can probably guess, my day didn't turn out quite like I planned. The morning was a little crazy. The afternoon was crazier. The evening, now actually, has been the craziest. I've had quite the emotional day in general and when you add in some craziness, well, things get hairy. It wasn't a bad day, just not what I expected. So what do you do when your day turns out like mine? Yeah, I purposely didn't go into details so I guess it would be hard to really say what you'd do when you don't know what exactly happened. But that's ok. This post is more of a breather anyway. Today hasn't been bad, just different. And I'm tired now that the day is almost done. The girls are sleeping, sort of, and I might watch a movie and exercise a little (stupid brownies). Goodbye crazy day, it's been interesting. Tomorrow, I have no expectations. :D

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