May 13, 2011

Almost ready!

Our weather has been up and down lately. One day we have rain, the next snow, the next clear blue skies and warm temperatures. But that's about what you can expect here. I love it though. The girls on the other hand, have been having a hard time waiting for the weather to be warm enough for them to get out and bike ride. They haven't even been able to go out until these last few weeks. Granted they weren't out for very long but enough to tide them over until the next nice day came along. And now, just tonight, hubby and I cleaned up our bikes and the bike trailer which means we all can go now!! I'm so excited! It's taken a lot of time to clean up everyone's bike. Last year because of all the moisture, in spite of the covered area we have our bikes in, there was quite a bit of rust on them. Thankfully, I have an awesome husband who had some polish on hand and with steel wool was able to get most of the rust out. Our bikes look a lot better! The weather tomorrow is supposed to be really nice, in the 70's, so we might be able to get out for a ride. I can't wait! The girls will be so excited when we tell them. :D

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