March 27, 2011

Why won't it work?

My husband has tried over and over and over again to get my computer to sync with our printer. It originally was hooked up but then we received a new router and it messed everything up. For the life of him, my husband can't figure out how to get the printer and my computer talking again, wirelessly. I'm of no help either. I'm not really sure how to hook them up the "normal" way let alone via wireless. I'm not much of a computer person. Granted, I know my way around them pretty well and can navigate through most anything. I know a little bit behind them too but when it comes to comparing toshiba laptop computers to Acer to Compaq, I couldn't tell you their differences. But my husband can! :D I just wish I knew what to do to help him with this problem. Better start with Google...

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