March 25, 2011

A bit nutso!

Has your week been crazy?? Mine has been a bit nuts! This week was spring break and you would think we would have had more time to get things done or at least sleep in once in awhile. Yeah, not so much. Hubby had one class this whole week that was all day everyday. Yeah, you read that right. ONE CLASS the week of spring break that lasts ALL day long. Add on top of that, my boss is on vacation this whole week which means I have to take on her patients plus my other ones. So what does that mean for my family? A week worth of extra work and kids with babysitters. Yeah, for anyone who says that having both parents out of the home doesn't affect children negatively, they can talk to me. This week has been awful for everyone. We're totally out of our rhythm. Hubby and I are more tired than usual. The kids are fighting more, their eating habits are all over the place, and they're pretty cranky all day long. See, this is why I like my job and it's flexibility. I can work the times my husband is not in school which means the kids aren't in daycare. I have ZERO desire to work just to pay daycare and I don't want someone else raising my kids. So, I'm THRILLED this week is over and we can go back to "normal." This is the last time I'm doing it this way, too nuts for me!

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