March 31, 2011

Starting to check off again

Do you remember my can-do attitude? I started to slack on it. I let my work and life take over and my to-do list was pushed to the back of my mind. Even though it wasn't in the forefront of my thoughts, it was always bugging me. Don't you hate it when something hangs over your head for a long time? I do! That's why I started to knock out my list so it would stop bugging me. But we all know that we let other things get in the way and that's exactly what happened. The only thing about that is when you don't take care of things, they have a way of making you feel like crap until they get done. So I'm back to work on my list, whittling away each project I haven't taken care of yet. The first, my blankets that should have been finished this past November. I know, it's been four months. At least they're getting done right? I will be so thrilled when they are finished and out of my mind. One less thing to nag me. This week I will be finished and I'm so excited!!! Then on to other things...

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