March 31, 2011

Being prepared

I went into our pantry earlier today to put food away and I caught a glimpse of our food storage. It used to be larger but I'm not very good at rotating, so we usually go through what we have and then stock up again. Not the best way to go about it, but it works for me. :D Anyway, so while we work on that, I keep thinking about how we need to work on our 72 hour kits. I saw some in the store a few weeks ago that I really liked. They looked just like hiking backpacks only a little smaller. They had everything two people needed to survive for 72 hours. I loved how easy they were to throw over your shoulder in a hurry and not too heavy that the kids could carry one. But they were kind of pricey. I'd have to check to see if it would be cheaper to buy everything myself and throw it in a bag. Worth looking into and getting started for sure.

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