March 31, 2011

One more commercial

I've decided I don't really like commercials. It's rare there's one I really like but even then, who wants to watch it over and over again? We all want to watch our shows. We don't want to watch ad after ad, just the show. I know TV stations need the ads to help pay for the shows but still. If I could choose, I wouldn't want to see another commercial. No more commercials about buying such and pill to help you feel better. No more commercials about insurance you can buy online. No more commercials about fast food you can buy. No more. Wouldn't that be awesome? The commercials aren't necessarily bad, I'm just tired of seeing them. I want to see my show and be done with it. But hey, maybe I'm in the minority and everybody else loves commercials. They are for a good reason after all lol!

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