March 31, 2011


It's been awhile since I've roller skated but when I do go, it's enjoyable. A few days ago I went skating with a group of youth and even though I'm always nervous the first few minutes I got into and had a blast. I can skate pretty well and go sort of fast but I don't stop or slow down very well. But, this week there wasn't a problem and I skated for an hour straight without any incident. And then I thought I would be funny. Bad idea. I skated up to a group of people I knew and chatted for a second and then I tried to get them to dance a little by me showing off my pathetic moves. So no, I didn't fall while skating, it actually happened when I was stopped. And I fell hard.

I'm not a small person by any means so that's a lot of weight to hit the ground. But I did everything right. Almost. My thoughts were racing as I fell, which actually surprised me. I started to fall and thought to myself "don't hit your head, fall on your butt, and don't stick your arm out." (We learned in school to never fall on an outstretched arm, it's never a good thing.) So I'm falling and thinking this to myself and I happened to turn just enough to see oncoming skaters headed directly towards me. At that point I remember thinking "I'm falling too far backward to fall directly on my butt, I'm going to hit my head!" So my impulse to save my head from being skated over, at the last second, I reached my arm out to keep me upright. Oops.

I fell onto my left backside and my left hand. It hurt so bad I could move for a minute despite a few people asking to help me up. I think I was more in shock with how much it hurt that all I could do was say I was fine and laugh. Yeah, that's weird I know. But I got up, waited a few minutes, then went to take my skates off. I went home and iced my backside and wrist. I didn't think it was TOO bad until the next day and could barely move. I went into work and had a coworker ultrasound my wrist to see if maybe it was fractured. (If you have a fracture or break, putting ultrasound over the area causes the bones to shake back and forth against each other and it's painful. Otherwise, ultrasound doesn't hurt.) It hurt pretty bad so unfortunately, it's probably fractured. Tomorrow I will see the dr and get it x-rayed. I'm hopeful it's just a bad sprain but we will see. Cross your fingers!

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