March 31, 2011

Maybe now?

For the past few months I haven't been thinking about continuing my education. Between work and normal life, I keep pretty busy. I have a few days here and there when I don't want to do a thing by the end of the day and it's then that I'm grateful I don't have homework. But the last few days, I'm thinking about it again, getting another degree. I didn't need another degree, mine is fine, I've just always wanted a bachelor's degree. No, I don't want to switch careers and look to pursue an online nursing degree or anything, the degree I want is just a continuation of what I'm doing now. I could look into an online nursing degree or any other degree, but the downside is the same, more student loan debt. We just paid off a bunch of debt, I don't want more. But we'll see, maybe it would work out. :)

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