March 31, 2011

Almost bought them

I love love love fresh flowers! If I could afford it, I would have fresh flowers on my table every day. I love the way they bright up a room with their color and smell. Ohh the smell is my favorite part! I don't care where the flowers come from either. They could be right here in my city, or from someone's garden, or from a Cleavland florist, doesn't matter. Flowers are flowers and I love them all! Ok, maybe not ALL flowers but most of them. I was at the store a few days ago and saw the flower section. I slowed down but still walked past them but turned around to look at them again. I always have to at least smell them and the kids love to too. Who can resist the fresh flower smell? Not me! Just typing this makes me want to go out and buy some. Maybe tomorrow I'll stop on my way home. ;)

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