February 25, 2011

Which do you want?

If you could make a list of which part of your body you would want to improve and get rid of the icky body fat, which part would it be? Hips, or maybe the thighs? Or your gluts? Ohh, how about the abs? Flabby abs are definitely not my favorite. That would be the area I would want to improve. I know you can take apidexin or a hundred other medicines to help you burn fat. So, which do you use? Or do you stick with diet and exercise? Or maybe, you're like me and do nothing lol. Well, I can't say that anymore, I just started to run again last week and that's my determined fat burning method. So I have the exercise part down, now I need to get the eating better down. Let me say, that's by far the harder of the two. Stupid sweets.

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